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Here is my "online resume", in which the information is not so precise. Enjoy !

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A couple of my work experiences...

Archives of the Northwestern State University of Louisiana

Hired at the archives of the college library of Natchitoces, Louisiana. My job consisted in translating, transcribing, classifying and sorting out documents. I also had the chance to participate in the preparation of an exhibit.

Multimedia Library Gérard Véron

One-week internship. There I learned how to catalogue , choose with relevance and then reserve books at the Departmental Library of Sarthe . I also prepared the annual passage of the bookmobile , attended cultural activities and worked at the reception.

Campsite la Route d'Or (La Flèche)

Seasonal job. Although far from my academic training, my experience at the campsite allowed me to cultivate a certain contact with customers , while knowing how to remain versatile , organized , accommodating and ready for all eventualities.

« To travel is, before all, to change out of your skin »
– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

País Vasco, Spain

This cultural exchange was my second trip to discover the Spanish Basque Country. It was overall a catastrophic week, so it was obvious that it should end with our teachers telling us that the bus that was supposed to take us back to France had been immobilized and that we would have to cross the city, at night, to get back to it. The songs of fifty middle-school children desperate about the ridiculousness of their situation surely still resonate throughout the streets of San Sebastián.

Yorkshire, England

This other school trip was a much better experience than the first. Along with an almost total immersion in the daily life of an English family, I was able to visit fascinating places: Oxford, a coal mine, the docks of Liverpool, Leeds, Huddersfield, the Indian district of Leicester and, my favorite place: The Bradford Media Museum. This museum - interactive, funny and immersive at will - contains my biggest giggles and moments of amazement.

Louisiana, United-States

The semester in Louisiana marked the end of my three years of undergraduate studies, and the perfect opportunity to find myself at the crossroads of cultures. My best memory will be the week I was able to spend away from college when I visited New Orleans. Some say that when you arrive to this city, you forget about the rest of the world; I'm afraid that is true. The French Quarter, the music on every corner of the streets, Cajun restaurants, Café du Monde 's beignets… How could you ever feel morose!

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The main lines of my studies...

Master's degree "Publishing, multimedia publishing and professional writing" . This course aims to train versatile publishing assistants. What we do: General knowledge of the book industry, orthotypography, professional writing, web publishing, digital publishing, management, organization of a Journée des éditeurs.

Master's degree " Languages, Literatures, Heritage and Civilizations " (publishing course). This Research Master is a way to reach the M2 Publising of the University of Angers. What we do: history of publishing, literary theory, general knowledge, professional writing. I also wrote a thesis on the cultural in-betweenness in José A. Villarreal's apprenticeship novel Pocho and its editorial peculiarity.

Double BA " Languages, Literatures and Foreign Civilizations" . This complete training aims to deepen one's knowledge in foreign languages: History, general knowledge, literature, linguistics, grammar and syntax English and Spanish. I was able to complete this course in the United States, at the University of Natchitoches, and thus rediscover my courses in the light of a new academic system.

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